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Farm Tour Pendant Set


Image of Farm Tour Pendant Set
  • Image of Farm Tour Pendant Set
  • Image of Farm Tour Pendant Set
  • Image of Farm Tour Pendant Set

The Farm Tour Collection includes James Rooster, Petunia Goat and Lucky Duck.

Read all about how this tour group enjoys Chibi Island every year at http://blingsquared.com/farm-tour-story ! (online Nov 14th)

James Rooster's head is sculpted in white including white neck feathers. He sports a deep green body and wings, cobalt tum and green and cobalt tail feathers. His head is adorned with red comb and waddle and his little beak and toenails are a golden yellow. Complete with our signature blue eyes, this guy has a ton of colour!

Lucky is sculpted in electric yellow with a two part big noggin body type. Details include furrowed brows, wings tail, pointed feathery head and and little upturned orange beak. Complete with our signature blue eyes. So much personality in such a little body!

Petunia is sculpted with a dark grey two part, big noggin body with bitty legs, ears and a tiny tail with a white fluff. Black masking, nose, horn bases and hooves. A white picked fluffy chest, little white beard and tiny golden yellow horns. Complete with our signature blue eyes. made in a buggy, goat-y fashion.

All our pieces are hand sculpted glass - each detail and color you see is another drop of molten glass (no painting involved!). We anneal our beads (essentially bake them in a kiln) for strength. Check us out on Twitch to see how they are sculpted:


Each approximately 1/2 inch in height, they come strung on sleek 18" sterling silver snake chains.

The images shown here are of the designs only - because each piece is individually sculpted your set may be slightly different than shown here. (But just as cute, we promise).