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Cynthia Moomaid Hand Sculpted Glass Figure


Image of Cynthia Moomaid Hand Sculpted Glass Figure

A mermaid cow. The 'Moomaid'. Because the pun was too good to pass up. Photos of the figure coming soon!

The Meraculous Mernimals include Beau Mernicorn, Georgia Merpug, Kitteh Meowmaid and Cynthia Moomaid. Also available as a set (http://blingsquaredcuteglass.bigcartel.com/product/complete-meraculous-mernimals-pendant-set)

Read all about how Otto Octopode's dream about the Mernimals changed how he understood his friends' struggles at http://blingsquared.com/meraculous-mernimals-story ! (online July 20th)

The Moomaid's top half is sculpted in white with a black jersey spots, hooves and ears. Bitty golden horns and a detailed pink snout. Her bottom half is sculpted in a transparent grass green, which we have etched with acid to give it a matte, sea glass look and a soft feel. Complete with our signature blue eyes.

Approximately 1.25" tall.

All our pieces are hand sculpted glass - each detail and color you see is another drop of molten glass (no painting involved!). We anneal our sculptures (essentially bake them in a kiln) for strength. To see how they are made check this out:


Photo are examples only. Each piece is hand sculpted without the use of molds so your Moomaid may be slightly different, but just as cute, we promise!